Meeting Agendas

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP MEETING                                                           October 6, 2020

Present:          Joe L. Ayers                                       Patrick A Jackson

                        Bart Ianson                                        Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson

*Flag Salute/Moment of Silent Meditation

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Old Business

New Business:

  • Court Hearing Date – October 12, 2020 @ 10:00 AM
  • Discussion – Cahilly Law Office Letter requesting a Supervisor attend hearing with Carol
  • November, 2020 – Fire Department Center – Township Officials Meeting – 7:30 Registration and information to follow.  Carol will update interested Supervisors via text message when further information is received
  • CVFD – Annual Contract – Based on Real Estate Taxes – Went up from Last Year – Need Supervisors Signatures
  • Discussion – Social Security Tax Withholding – will got up to 12% next year if we reduce the tax signed into Office by President Trump allowing forgiveness this year – Resolution 03-2020


  • Invoice from Cahilly Law Office – $631.00 – Billing Information Available for Review
  • P.C. Conservation District Pre-Application Meeting due by 11/20/2020 – Forwarded email to Bart
  • Volunteer Fire Department Relief Funds Received $1771.30 to be divided between Austin and Coudersport Volunteer Fire Departments – Paperwork Completed for Auditor General– Checks to be signed November 3, 2020
  • Coudersport Fire Department – Township Officials Meeting – October 7 @ 6:30 PM – Light Dinner Being Served – Requesting a Representative from Township
  • Austin Volunteer Fire Department – Township Officials Meeting – December 10 @ 7:00 PM – Fire Hall – Light Refreshments being served – Let Carol know by December 4 if interested in attending
  • JKLM – Ulysses Township – Headwaters 141 Well Pad – 5

BALANCES: As of 9/30/3030

Township:  $142,268 State:  $23,459 MSIF: $43,846 Sewage:  $985

Supervisors accept QuickBooks Monthly Report for State, Township, Sewage and MSIF Accounts

Motion to accept checks/deposits/transfers:                        Second by:

Motion to adjourn:                                                                Second by: 

Meeting Adjourned

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP SEWAGE MEETING                            October 6, 2020

Present:           Joe L. Ayers                            Bart W. Ianson                       

                        Patrick A. Jackson                  Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson  

Minutes read by secretary.  Motion to accept the minutes as read.

Old Business:  None

New Business: Bickleman invoiced for $100.00 – Final Inspection – D. Esh

Motion to adjourn – Meeting Adjourned