Meeting Agendas

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP MEETING                       January 4, 2021 – Reorganization Meeting & Regular Meeting with Sewage Meeting to Follow


Joe L. Ayers          Patrick A Jackson

Bart W. Ianson    Carol Putt-Ayers – Website

Meeting called to order by Chairman

*Flag Salute/Moment of Silent Meditation

Public Comment – Reminder to residents – Supervisors do not have to respond to questions

Motion to accept December’s minutes by:                          Second by: 

Old Business:

  • Auditor’s Meeting – Wednesday, January 5, 2021 @9:00 AM with Audit to Follow – Carol has all documentation ready for Audit

New Business:

  • Complete Statement of Financial Interests for 2020 – Supervisors’ Folder
  • Distribute W-2’s for calendar year 2020 – Supervisors’ Folder
  • Consideration – Recommend Approval of PSATS Membership for 2021 ($219) –

Motion by:                  Second:                Motion Carried

  • Reminder:  Emergency Management Coordinator needs to take two NIMS courses by end of year –Informational Packet – Also in Folder are dates for EMC Meetings for 2021.  First meeting is January 26 @ 6:30 PM at the EOC building.
  • Resolution 01-2021 – Resolving Tax Collector to get paid on a monthly basis beginning in April and ending December with the sum of $90.00 per month
  •  Motion by:                 Second:                       Motion Carried
  • P. C. Department of Emergency Services – Review EOP Plan and Afffix Signatures – Carol Reviewed Plan – Recommend Affixing Signatures on Promulation Page and Document to be returned to EMS

Motion by:                  Second:                           Motion Carried


  • Township News for Bart
  • Roger Bickleman – No increase in Fees for 2021 – Letter Requesting to be Named Primary SEO, along with Fee Schedule –No increase in Fees
  • FYI:  On January 1, 2021, the minimum purchase amount that will require the advertisement for bids will increase to $21,300 for advertising requirements and the  minimum purchase amount for telephone quotes will increase to $11,500

Supervisors accept QuickBooks Printouts for Sewage, MSIF, Township and State Accounts

Motion to accept checks/deposits/transfers:                        Second by: 

Balances as of December 31, 2020: 

General Fund: $184,363   State Fund:  $19,659 MSIF: $37,851 Sewage:  $1260           

Motion to adjourn:                                                                Second by

Meeting Adjourned