Meeting Agendas

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP MEETING                                                           May 4, 2021

Present:          Joe L. Ayers                                       Patrick A Jackson    

                        Bart Ianson                                        Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson

*Flag Salute/Moment of Silent Meditation

Public Comment

Motion to accept the minutes by:                             Second by: 

Old Business:

  • Ordinance – Second Amendment Sanctuary Township – Adoption at June Meeting – Posted on Website and advertised in Potter Leader Enterprise and Shoppers Guide – Last week of April

New Business:

  • Discussion – Bid notice for purchase of Stone/Gravel in July – Amount needed:

Motion by:                  Second by:                                          Motion Carried

  • Retroactive to April 25 – Renew Norton Security System for Computer for 2021 – $84.77  Motion by:            Second by:                 
  • Federal Cares Act – Receiving $17,697 (half this year and half 2022)
    • Four Categories – See Information Sheet in Folder
      • To respond to the COVID-19 emergency or its negative economic impacts, including assistance to households, small businesses and on-profits or aid to impacted industries
      • To  provide premium pay to workers performing essential work during        the COVID-19 emergency
      • For provision of government services to the extent of the reduction of revenue due to the COVID-19 emergency (the reduction in revenue due to the COVID-19 emergency (the reduction in revenue must be  compared to your 2019 budget)
      • Water, sewer and broadband infrastructure
    • Very hard to spend the monies without approval and very vague categories at this time.
  • DGLVR Breakfast Meeting – May 18 @ 7:30-10:30 AM – Fire Department Training Center – In Bart’s Folder. RSVP by May 10 to Andy at P.C. Conservation District


  • Township News & EMS Magazine – Gave to Bart

BALANCES: April 30, 2021

Township: $177,891              State: $67,384            MSIF: $37,857    Sewage: $985

Supervisors accept QuickBooks Report for Sewage, MSIF, State and Township Monthly Accounts

Motion to accept checks/deposits/transfers:                        Second by: 

Motion to adjourn:                                                                Second by: 

Meeting Adjourned