Meeting Agendas

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP MEETING                       November 2, 2020

Present:          Joe L. Ayers                                       Patrick A Jackson    

                        Bart Ianson                                        Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson

*Flag Salute/Moment of Silent Meditation

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Old Business

  • Meeting Notice Change Posted in Leader Times and Solomon’s Web
  • State Audit – October 8, 2020 @ Carol’s House – will get results later in the year
  • Bart and Jesse Ianson – Dirt & Gravel Training – October 20th  – Bart Report

New Business:

  • Announcement – Date for Annual Reorganizational Meeting for Supervisors – Monday, January 4, 2021 @ 6:00 PM
  • Elected Auditors’ Annual Organization Meeting – Tuesday, January 5 , 20201@ 9:00 AM  – Secretary’s Home – Will begin Annual Audit following meeting
  • Discussion – Taxes for 2021
  • PILT monies for 2020 – $42,699
  • PURTA Grant – $44.53
  • Review Budget to be adopted at December’s Meeting – Advertised on Solomon’s Web and in The Leader Times in November as required
  • Civil Suit – MJ-55301-CV-22-2020 – $5000.00 fine plus attorney fees and court costs – Total of $5967.00 payable monthly to Summit Township in the amount of $250 per month until debt is paid in full.  Also, pictures are to be taken monthly to ensure clean-up is completed and no further trash on property – Supervisors signatures needed on Settlement Agreement/Payment Plan for Solicitor


  • Township News – Gave to Bart

BALANCES: As of 10/31/2020

Township:  $183,729     State:  21,265      MSIF:  37,848     Sewage:  $1685

Supervisors accept QuickBooks Monthly Reports for Sewage, MSIF, State and Township Accounts

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Meeting Adjourned