Meeting Agendas

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP MEETING                                                           April 6, 2021

Present:          Joe L. Ayers                                       Patrick A Jackson    

                        Bart Ianson                                        Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson

*Flag Salute/Moment of Silent Meditation

Public Comment

Motion to accept the minutes by:                             Second by: 

Old Business:  None

New Business:

  • Consideration – Second Amendment Sanctuary Township – Sample Ordinance
  • Consideration – Hire Part-time Employee for Summer Months –
  • 2019-2020 State Audit – March 29 & 30 – No Findings


  • Discussion – Tons needed:  Cinders Rates by Vendors (will be ordered middle of June or early July)
    • North Penn (1A) $20.50 per ton
    • B. Matthews Trucking – $32.50 per ton
    • S. Androulous – $46.95 per ton


  • Township News – Gave to Bart
  • EMS Magazine – Gave to Bart

Supervisors accept QuickBooks Reports for Sewage, MSIF, State and Township Accounts

Motion to accept checks/deposits/transfers:                        Second by: 

Balances as of March 31,2021:

General: $172879   State:  $70873   MSIF:  $37856  Sewage: $1210

Motion to adjourn:                                                    Second by: 

Meeting Adjourned