Meeting Agenda

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP MEETING                                                           February 4, 2020

Present:          Joe L. Ayers                                       Patrick A Jackson    

                        Bart Ianson                                        Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson

*Flag Salute/Moment of Silent Meditation

Public Comment

Introduction of Ms. Karen Cahilly, Solicitor for Summit Township

  • Remarks

Motion to accept January minutes by:                    Second by: 

Old Business:

  • Auditors Meeting took place January 7, 2020 at Treasurer’s home.  All Auditors were present. Donna Clark is the Chairperson and Donna Sallade is the Secretary of the Auditors.  Auditors agreed with the Fees and Appointments for 2020.  Audit Meeting took place following Auditors Meeting.  No findings by the Township Elected Auditors 

New Business:

  • Carol completed and forwarded the following forms to the respective offices:
    • Municipal Annual Financial Form –Completed
    • Municipal Elected and Appointed Officials Form – Approved
    • Municipal Tax Information Form – Approved
    • Voter Registration/Elections Form for Supervisors and Auditors – Approved
    • InfoCon Tax Information for the Municipality Form – Approved
    • 2020 Usage Report – Turn Back & Liquid Fuel Programs – On-Line Application –  Approved.
      • We will get our State Liquid Fuels and Turn Back Monies on March 1, 2020 due to approval of these applications ($58,144.13)
  • Letter sent to F.Roger Bickleman designating him as SEO Primary as approved by Supervisors at the Reorganization Meeting and Terry Meyers was notified by Telephone
  • Review Initial Boundary Validation Program Information– Need Chairperson’s Signature if  Review is Correct
  • Consideration – Retroactive purchase of Laser Printer for Office –All Supervisors agreed  to Purchase Verbally via Telephone.   Motion made by:                                         

Second by:                  Motion Carried

  • Jonathon Schultz (Tex) installed Printer and fixed problems with Computer – $90.00
  • Conservation Grants Due – March 1, 2020 – Deering Run Road and Cochran Hill Road – Bart


  • JKLM – Notification of Application for Permit to Drill – Headwaters 141 – Well Pad 4V
  • Nittany Engineering Letter – Offices in Clearfield and Montoursville
  • Township News – Bart

Supervisors accept Quickbook Reports for Sewage, State, Township, and MSIF Accounts

Motion to accept checks/deposits/transfers:                   Second by: 

Balances:        General:                     State:              MSIF:             Sewage:

Motion to adjourn:                                                                Second by:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Meeting Adjourned

SUMMIT TOWNSHIP SEWAGE MEETING                            February 4, 2020

Present:           Joe L. Ayers                            Bart W. Ianson                       

                        Patrick A. Jackson                  Carol Putt-Ayers

Meeting called to order by Chairman Pat Jackson  

Minutes read by secretary.  Motion to accept the minutes as read.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

Motion to adjourn – Meeting Adjourned

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